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Have you ever heard of cryptocurrency? Maybe there are a couple of of you who could also be accustomed to what it is. I do imagine for the far majority of individuals the answer would be what's that?

My text book reply can be a cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to manage the creation of new units. Cryptocurrencies are a subset of other currencies, or specifically of digital currencies

In brief I may reply: You realize, like a BitCoin.

The subsequent question I might pose is: Now that you already know what the world of cryptocurrency is and a common concept the way it it works my subsequent query could also be: On this planet of cryptocurrency, how do you slot in?

In my enterprise career I had the chance to very effectively at making attractive revenue on the internet. Particularly I've been profitable in advertising and marketing, advertising gross sales, business improvement, ecommerce, expertise, and on-line business building together with the building of huge online organizations.

Prior to deciding if I'm going to speculate, market, brand, promote or personal one thing I spend quite a lot of time researching it.

In addition I encompass myself with like minded people I refer to as both successful business associates or partners who have quite a lot of information and analysis on no matter it is we are going to promote.

My strongest need is to advertise something that is new and innovative that has a really sturdy likelihood to saturate the market in the future. In particular I would like to management, brand, distribute first to market a product or service that is going to be a game changer.

This is able to be something everyone in the future goes to need to want, own or possess.

I have little curiosity in selling one thing that has already saturated the market. There is little alternative for me to be first to market or seize market share of products or services

I do not desire to attempt to market something everyone already has or is aware of about. There may be then no manner I can then be first to market as in the thoughts of most profitable entrepreneurs those who are first to market who then capture the market wins.

Many entrepreneur minded people method me to hitch them to promote gadgets similar to cell phone providers, on-line advertising, health related products, food, ecommerce or on-line shopping. My easy reply to those entrepreneurs is just I'm not interested.

The reason I've zero interest to advertise these items is the market is already saturated with big players that you're never going to be able to compete with. Those that have been already Empowercoin first to market have captured the market share.

This brings me to the world of cryptocurrency and block chain technology. Again if you had been to approach the average individual and asked them: Have you ever heard of cryptocurrency the doubtless response could be: What's that?

The plain conclusion is that if I had been going to be first to market, brand, personal or possess what wouldn't it be? The answer is straightforward: block chain technology and cryptocurrency.

You might ask then what is the difference between forex a.k.a. cash and cryptocurrency? There are various layers of definition or explanation we might define the two major variations in forex vs. cryptocurrency: